The Kite Collection represents that commitment. And kite flying is a painstaking sport. In order to play, you must control the direction so that the kite floats beautifully in the sky. Sometimes there are other external factors affecting it, such as the wind. If we can fly a kite, we must have determination. and diligence only

“Kite” is a type of sport that requires diligence and determination to control the direction of the kite. Floating beautifully in the sky. Sometimes there may be various external factors affecting it, such as wind currents or The hemp line that will carry the kite into the sky. If the hemp line is not tough or strong enough, it will also cause the kite to fly away. Therefore, to fly a kite well, we must choose to fly it on a day when the wind is suitable. Choose a hemp line that is tough and durable. Know how to relax and lengthen the hemp line when the kite collides with the wind. You must have determination. to make this kite float in the sky making the kite a representative of determination

All of our lives are like a kite floating in the sky. must pass through various obstacles No life is perfect. Experience many stories, both suffering and happiness. Hope and disappointment mingle like the waving of a kite in the sky as it plays in the wind. The hemp line used to bring the kite to the top is like the people around us who help us lead us to a good or bad path. which may be mixed together. Therefore, choosing a good linen is like choosing to associate with good friends.

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Because stories often aren't as you imagine...

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