The Kite Collection represents that commitment. And kite flying is a painstaking sport to play. Steering is required to make the kite float gracefully in the sky. Sometimes there may be other external factors affecting it, such as the wind. If we are going to fly the kite well,  All we need is determination and perseverance.

“Kite flying” is a type of sport that requires perseverance. Full concentration in steering the kite so that it floats beautifully in the sky. Sometimes there are various external factors affecting it, such as the wind or the string that will carry the kite into the sky. If the hemp string is not strong or strong enough, it will also cause the kite to fly away.   Therefore, to fly a kite well, we must choose to fly it on a day when the wind is appropriate. Choose hemp cord that is tough and durable. Know how to take short, long breaks when the kite hits the wind. It takes determination to make this kite soar in the sky. Therefore making kites like a representative of determination.

All of our lives are like a kite floating in the sky. You have to overcome many obstacles. No life is perfect. Experience many stories, both suffering and happiness. Fulfilled and disappointed Mixing together like the waving of a kite in the sky. The hemp string used to carry kites to the sky. It is like the people around us who support and lead us to a good or bad path. which may be mixed together Therefore, choosing a good hemp line is like choosing to associate with friends.

The meaning of gemstones in The Kite Collection

Black Onyx (Black Onyx)

Beliefs about Black Onyx or what we know as “Onyx” itself. Ancient people believed that Onyx is a gem of good fortune, power, and enhances the prestige of the wearer.  More importantly, Onyx or Black Onyx is also an accessory that is suitable for wearing on the body for people of all genders, all ages, all birthdays, all zodiac signs, and can also be worn. Available in every opportunity as well.

In addition to onyx or black onyx being an ornament that ancient people admired, Onyx is also a personal amulet for the wearer. Onyx has been accepted and trusted for a long time. Whoever owns this kind of gem He will be the one who holds power, honor, and courage. It  has the power to change everything around us. And it can also inspire the wearer to reach their desired goals more easily. The power of this gemstone stimulates the wearer’s enthusiasm. and feel more courageous

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz (Smoky Quartz) Quartz stone with a smoky color. represents strength Be patient both physically and mentally. It is  believed to be a protective stone and clears away negative energies. It also has very strong mental healing powers.  Helps increase creativity. and confidence in oneself Reduce tension and anxiety It  is also believed to help ward off negative thoughts. Eliminate worry and doubt when faced with confusion or chaos. It is believed that this stone helps absorb bad luck, sorrow, or obstacles. ​If you are feeling exhausted and exhausted. The mind is confused and depressed. And you’re looking for something to hold on to. Or something that makes your body feel better. Believe it or not, this type of jewelry may help you.

Gold Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated stone is a clear quartz stone with golden-yellow crystals in it. Similar to silk threads, it is believed that the more golden yellow silk threads, the better.

Rutilated stone is a symbol of wealth. Abundant It is believed that rutilated stone brings good fortune to its owner. Helps enhance power and prestige Protect and protect from all evil things. If there is a negotiation or communication about money or gold, wear this type of gem on your body to bring good luck. Negotiations are often successful.

Sliver Rutilated Quartz

Silver Silk Stone is one of the most popular stone families right now. Because its beauty is not inferior to that of golden rutilated stone. With a unique and charming feature like the silver stripes inside. and the stone is white and pure It’s no wonder why this type of stone is so popular among girls. And the Silver Silk Stone itself is also considered a stone of good fortune. Focuses heavily on money and gold, waiting to attract wealth to the owner. Trade prospered and can also greatly enhance physical and mental strength Anyone who is doing business or doing business It’s not bad to consider silver and silk stone jewelry in your mind.

Rose Quartz (Rose Quartz)

Rose quartz is a clear light pink stone. Also known as rose quartz,  is made from a combination of the elements titanium, iron and manganese. It is transparent and translucent and is highlighted by a soft pink color.

Legend has it that Rose Quartz is the stone of the goddess Venus. There is the power of the mother’s gender. and filled with the power of love and forgiveness A  can eliminate shyness. It is believed to help heal the wounds of broken hearts and Rose Quartz also helps young women feel soft and sweet. It helps young men to calm down. Therefore, it is commonly used in emotional therapy. The feelings of people who need love and understanding It also helps couples have a stable and lasting love.

In addition to the belief that it is a stone of love It is also believed that Rose Quartz is a stone that stimulates the body’s circulatory system and the functioning of the heart. ” And another special thing is In terms of beauty, it is believed that Rose Quartz helps make the skin radiant, beautiful, and always look youthful.

Tiger Eye

As the name suggests, it is courageous and farsighted, like the eyes of a tiger. One of the forest kings, Tiger’s Eye or Tiger’s Eye Stone is a stone of courage and wealth. Helps in foresight attract wealth It also helps release fear and anxiety. It has yellow and brown colors, similar to wood grain, and is stunningly beautiful.

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